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Civil Air Patrol - Mission Statement


The Civil Air Patrol was established prior to World War II under the direction of the Army Air Corp. After the war, the Department of the Air Force was formed by the Defense Department and the CAP was moved from the Army to the Air Force. The CAP is a non-military civilian volunteer organization. Our operations are based on the military experience. This allows CAP to work within the different military organizations that call on the CAP for assistance.

This is an actual photo of a Civil Air Patrol pilot flying over the Statue of Liberty. Following 9/11, CAP was the first to fly over “Ground Zero.” Since then our pilots have been performing important missions for America’s homeland security.


Congress mandated the Civil Air Patrol to perform three major objectives.
1. Emergency Services
2. Aerospace Education
3. Cadet Programs

For more information regarding membership in the CAP, click on this link Membership website.

If you are a pilot, or you would like to be, CAP has plenty of opportunities tailor-made for you. CAP owns the largest fleet of single-engine piston aircraft in the nation, and CAP pilots are able to fly those planes to perform CAP missions in service to their local communities.

Volunteer Your Time
We make a difference one mission at a time. You could become part of our organization and lend a hand, even if you only have a few hours per month to give.

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